Delmarva Paranormal Studies

using scientific methods to study and investigate paranormal activity


Welcome to the new home of Delmarva Paranormal Studies. We are a small group out of Salisbury MD that conducts scientific paranormal invetigations of private homes all the way up to large scale buildings to find whats going bump in the night. Our group utilizes many different tools and methods to find the reason behind your haunting. So please take a look around and browse some of our photo's!

I have a haunt, but whats next?

So you have a ghost and you dont what to do? No problem!! our team is always ready to help you with your paranormal problem. Our service is always free to those in need, we will work with you to learn about your home or business and conduct a full investigation as well as learning the history of the location, and finally sit down with you after we have analyzed all of our findings and give you our recomendations on how to handle it. For a full list of details you can visit the facts page for a full run down. We believe you!


As you may notice our website is lacking a few things and some stuff might be out of place. It's ok, we know. Right now our site is in a beta setting if you will. So check back often to see the full site once its 100%